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Insta Chat

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Insta Chat allows you to send and receive messages from friends in your circle. Take control of instant messaging by creating your own private network. That's right! You own the messaging server.

Please note that this app is not ready-to-use and requires a messaging server to be configured in Settings screen. So most likely you don't want this app!

** Features **
- No charges except for wi-fi/data usage
- Notifications on new messages
- Create your own private network
- Group chat feature
- Ability to share chat ID with friends
- Forever free and for fun only!

Note: This is an alpha version of the app and is not feature complete.

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If you don't have a real Android device (phone or tablet), you can still try out the application by installing the .apk file on Android Emulator.

Get the .apk file from below link.

Install the application using below command.
adb install instachat.apk

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About this App
  • Category: Communication
  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: < 100
  • Last Updated: 21 Jul 2013
  • Size: 459k
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