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Showcase keeps you updated with our latest collection of free apps. It's an open source app that teaches you how to build a simple Android application. Learn to build your first pro Android app!

Please note that this app is for educational purpose only. You can download the project source code from here.

** Learn to develop **
- Splash screen
- Login screen
- Help screen
- List, Grid, and View Pager
- Navigation drawer
- Dialog
- Settings screen

We'd appreciate suggestions on new features and UI enhancements.

QR Code Android app on Google Play Screenshot 123


If you don't have a real Android device (phone or tablet), you can still try out the application by installing the .apk file on Android Emulator.

Get the .apk file from below link.

Install the application using below command.
adb install showcase.apk

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About this App
  • Category: Education
  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: < 100
  • Last Updated: 9 Jun 2014
  • Size: 882k
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