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Android DeviceOwner Sample

This sample demonstrates how to use some device owner features. As a device owner, you can configure global settings such as automatic time and timezone. You can mandate a specific launcher by preferred intent handler.


In order to set global settings, use [DevicePolicyManager#setGlobalSetting][1] and specify one of the Settings.Global keys available. Note that you need to specify its value as a String. As most of the keys accept boolean values, you will mostly use "1" for true and "0" for false.

You can mandate a specific launcher by adding a persistent preferred activity for an IntentFilter with Intent.CATEGORY_HOME category. Call [DevicePolicyManager#addPersistentPreferredActivity][3] to register the activity. You can clear the registration with [clearPackagePersistentPreferredActivities][4].

As a device owner, you can also use the features available for managed profile owner. See BasicManagedProfile.

[1]:, java.lang.String, java.lang.String)

[3]:, android.content.IntentFilter, android.content.ComponentName) [4]:, java.lang.String)


  • Android SDK 26
  • Android Build Tools v26.0.1
  • Android Support Repository



Getting Started

This sample uses the Gradle build system. To build this project, use the "gradlew build" command or use "Import Project" in Android Studio.


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Patches are encouraged, and may be submitted by forking this project and submitting a pull request through GitHub. Please see for more details.


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compile ""

compile ""

compile ""

compile ""

compileSdkVersion 26

minSdkVersion 21

targetSdkVersion 26


versionCode 1

versionName 1.0



Handles events related to device owner.

Called on the new profile when device owner provisioning has completed. Device owner provisioning is the process of setting up the device so that its main profile is managed by the mobile device management (MDM) application set up as the device owner.

@return A newly instantiated {@link android.content.ComponentName} for this DeviceAdminReceiver.