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Advanced API Demos for Android

This is an advanced example application that covers a number of features in the AdMob and DoubleClick For Publishers APIs. It uses methods provided by the Mobile Ads SDK for targeting, sizing, exclusions, custom events, and more.


  • Android API Level v9 or higher
  • Android Build Tools v22 or higher
  • Google Repository v16 or higher

How to Build

This sample uses the Gradle build system. To build the project, use the "gradlew build" command.

To open this project with Android Studio, use the "Import project" choice in the welcome menu, and select the root directory of the project.


You can see our Developers' site for documentation on using the SDK, and join the developer community on our forum.


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compileSdkVersion 26

applicationId ""

minSdkVersion 14

targetSdkVersion 26

versionCode 1

versionName "1.0"

compile ''

compile ''

compile ''



{@link MainActivity} is the single activity for the application. It contains a single {@link NavigationDrawerFragment} in its drawer, and swaps demo fragments in and out of its {@link android.widget.FrameLayout} as appropriate.

Used to store the last screen title. For use in {@link #restoreActionBar()}.