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Android WearSpeakerSample Sample

A sample that shows how you can record voice using the microphone on a wearable and play the recorded voice or an mp3 file, if the wearable device has a built-in speaker.

This sample doesn't have any companion phone app so you need to install this directly on your watch (using "adb").


  • Android SDK v26
  • Android Build Tools v26.0.1
  • Android Support Repository

Getting Started

This sample uses the Gradle build system. To build this project, use the "gradlew build" command or use "Import Project" in Android Studio.


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compileSdkVersion 26

applicationId ""

minSdkVersion 23

targetSdkVersion 26

versionCode 1

versionName "1.0"

compile ''

compile ''

compile ''

compile ''



  • android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO


We first get the required permission to use the MIC. If it is granted, then we continue with the application and present the UI with three icons: a MIC icon (if pressed, user can record up to 10 seconds), a Play icon (if clicked, it wil playback the recorded audio file) and a music note icon (if clicked, it plays an MP3 file that is included in the app).

Ambient mode controller attached to this display. Used by Activity to see if it is in ambient mode.

Plays back the MP3 file embedded in the application

Stops the playback of the MP3 file.

Checks the permission that this app needs and if it has not been granted, it will prompt the user to grant it, otherwise it shuts down the app.

Starts the main flow of the application.

Determines if the wear device has a built-in speaker and if it is supported. Speaker, even if physically present, is only supported in Android M+ on a wear device..

Prepares the UI for ambient mode.

Restores the UI to active (non-ambient) mode.