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compileSdkVersion 25

applicationId ""

minSdkVersion 14

targetSdkVersion 25

versionCode 1

versionName "1.0"

compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])

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  • android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION


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Sample application which sets up a few context fences using the Awareness API, and takes "snapshots" of data about the user and the device's surroundings. * NOTE: for this sample to work, you need to add an API key in the manifest. See for instructions.

Uses the snapshot API to print out some contextual information the device is "aware" of.

Helper method to retrieve weather data using the Snapshot API. Since Weather is protected by a runtime permission, this snapshot code is going to be called in multiple places: {@link #printSnapshot()} when the permission has already been accepted, and {@link #onRequestPermissionsResult(int, String[], int[])} when the permission is requested and has been granted.

Helper method to handle requesting the runtime permissions required for weather snapshots. * @return true if the permission has already been granted, false otherwise.

Sets up {@link AwarenessFence}'s for the sample app, and registers callbacks for them with a custom {@link BroadcastReceiver}

A basic BroadcastReceiver to handle intents from from the Awareness API.