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Google Analytics Quickstart

Google Analytics Android Quickstart app demonstrates collecting app usage analytics via Tracker available in Google Play Services. HitBuilders.ScreenViewBuilder is used to send screen view analytics.


Getting Started

  • Follow the quickstart guide to set up your project in Android Studio.
    • Make sure to replace ga_trackingId in res/xml/global_tracker.xml with your Google Analytics tracking ID.
  • Run the sample on your Android device or emulator.
  • Swipe between images to register screen views.
  • View collected analytics via Google Analytics.




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compileSdkVersion 25

applicationId ""

minSdkVersion 14

targetSdkVersion 25

versionCode 1

versionName "1.0"

compile ''

compile ''

compile ''

compile ''



  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE

application .AnalyticsApplication


Activity which displays numerous background images that may be viewed. These background images are shown via {@link ImageFragment}.

The {@link} that will provide fragments for each image. This uses a {@link FragmentPagerAdapter}, which keeps every loaded fragment in memory.

The {@link ViewPager} that will host the patterns.

The {@link Tracker} used to record screen views.

Return the title of the currently displayed image. @return title of image

Record a screen view hit for the visible {@link ImageFragment} displayed inside {@link FragmentPagerAdapter}.

Check to make sure global_tracker.xml was configured correctly (this function only needed for sample apps).

A {@link FragmentPagerAdapter} that returns a fragment corresponding to one of the sections/tabs/pages.