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Android RenderScriptIntrinsic Sample

RenderScriptIntrinsic sample that demonstrates how to use RenderScript intrinsics. Creates several RenderScript intrinsics and shows a filtering result with various parameters. Also shows how to extends RedioButton with StateListDrawable.


RenderScript is a framework for running computationally intensive tasks at high performance on Android. RenderScript is primarily oriented for use with data-parallel computation, although serial computationally intensive workloads can benefit as well.

RenderScript intrinsics are built-in functions that perform well-defined operations often seen in image processing. Intrinsics provide extremely high-performance implementations of standard functions with a minimal amount of code.

This sample shows how to access and use the blur, convolve, and matrix intrinsics:

mScriptBlur = ScriptIntrinsicBlur.create(mRS, Element.U8_4(mRS));
mScriptConvolve = ScriptIntrinsicConvolve5x5.create(mRS,
mScriptMatrix = ScriptIntrinsicColorMatrix.create(mRS,

RenderScript intrinsics will usually be the fastest possible way for a developer to perform these operations. The Android team works closely with our partners to ensure that the intrinsics perform as fast as possible on their architectures — often far beyond anything that can be achieved in a general-purpose language.


  • Android SDK 26
  • Android Build Tools v26.0.1
  • Android Support Repository



Getting Started

This sample uses the Gradle build system. To build this project, use the "gradlew build" command or use "Import Project" in Android Studio.


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compile ""

compile ""

compile ""

compile ""

compile files('renderscript-v8.jar')

compileSdkVersion 26

minSdkVersion 14

targetSdkVersion 26


versionCode 1

versionName 1.0




Number of bitmaps that is used for renderScript thread and UI thread synchronization.

Convert seekBar progress parameter (0-100 in range) to parameter for each intrinsic filter. (e.g. 1.0-25.0 in Blur filter)

In the AsyncTask, it invokes RenderScript intrinsics to do a filtering. *

After the filtering is done, an operation blocks at Allocation.copyTo() in AsyncTask thread. Once all operation is finished at onPostExecute() in UI thread, it can invalidate and update ImageView UI.

Invoke AsyncTask and cancel previous task. *

When AsyncTasks are piled up (typically in slow device with heavy kernel), Only the latest (and already started) task invokes RenderScript operation.

Helper to load Bitmap from resource

Create thumbNail for UI. It invokes RenderScript kernel synchronously in UI-thread, which is OK for small thumbnail (but not ideal).