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The Visual Game Controller app is designed to run on an Android TV device and displays visual feedback for the buttons of an attached game controller.


  • Android SDK v7 appcompat library

Setup Instructions

  • Compile and deploy to your Android TV device.
  • If using gradle, make sure you update build.gradle and settings.gradle to reflect the name you gave your VisualGameController project when you cloned it.

References and How to report bugs

How to make contributions?

Please read and follow the steps in the




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Change List

compileSdkVersion 19

minSdkVersion 10

targetSdkVersion 19

compile ''


versionCode 1

versionName 1.0


An example full-screen activity that shows and hides the system UI (i.e. status bar and navigation/system bar) with user interaction.

@see SystemUiHider

Whether or not the system UI should be auto-hidden after {@link #AUTO_HIDE_DELAY_MILLIS} milliseconds.

If {@link #AUTO_HIDE} is set, the number of milliseconds to wait after user interaction before hiding the system UI.

If set, will toggle the system UI visibility upon interaction. Otherwise, will show the system UI visibility upon interaction.

The flags to pass to {@link SystemUiHider#getInstance}.

The instance of the {@link SystemUiHider} for this activity.

Check for any game controllers that are connected already.

Touch listener to use for in-layout UI controls to delay hiding the system UI. This is to prevent the jarring behavior of controls going away while interacting with activity UI.

Schedules a call to hide() in [delay] milliseconds, canceling any previously scheduled calls.

Get centered position for axis input by considering flat area.

@param event
@param device
@param axis

Utility method to determine if input device is a gamepad.

@param device

Get the array index for the key code.

@param keyCode