Courtesy: GitHub

See in the parent directory for general information.

Getting Started

Fetch code
git clone
cd android-custom-lint-rules
Build the validator

./gradlew build

Copy to the lint directory

cp ./build/libs/android-custom-lint-rules.jar ~/.android/lint/

Verify whether the issues are registered with lint

lint --show MainActivityDetector

Run lint

./gradlew lint

Note: If you can't run lint directly, you may want to include android tools PATH in your ~/.bash_profile. (i.e. PATH=$PATH:~/Library/Android/sdk/tools)

Then run source ~/.bash_profile.

compile "$lintVersion"

compile "$lintVersion"

testCompile "junit:junit:4.11"

testCompile "$lintVersion"

testCompile "$lintVersion"

testCompile "$lintVersion"