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Room with Content Providers Sample

This sample demonstrates how to expose data stored in the Room persistence library with Android's Content Provider framework.


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applicationId ""

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targetSdkVersion build_versions.target_sdk

versionCode 1

versionName "1.0"





Not very relevant to Room. This just shows data from {@link SampleContentProvider}. *

Since the data is exposed through the ContentProvider, other apps can read and write the content in a similar manner to this.


A {@link ContentProvider} based on a Room database. *

Note that you don't need to implement a ContentProvider unless you want to expose the data outside your process or your application already uses a ContentProvider.

The authority of this content provider.

The URI for the Cheese table.

The match code for some items in the Cheese table.

The match code for an item in the Cheese table.

The URI matcher.